Vanilla Bean Project sells vanilla products that represent the wholesome goodness and caring in your recipe.  We are often the smallest measurement in the mixing bowl whose delightful aroma is the first to welcome you home.  That’s us – your favorite vanilla memory, familiar again to enjoy and share with those most important to you when you “Bring Out Your Best.”

In the early days of our business, we were inspired by our friends and customers to keep it going.  So, we took a leap of faith to create a modern, direct supply chain for quality vanilla beans to make the best vanilla products available.  

At Vanilla Bean Project, we believe it is important to remember where we came from and to celebrate success.  We sold our first two-ounce bottle of pure vanilla extract at a local farmers market and our first gallon jug to the bakery department of a natural foods co-op. 

Today, we find our vanilla products in multiple aisles of the grocery store as ingredients in packaged goods like cookies, cereal, energy bars and ice cream.  We are still usually listed last on a product ingredient panel, yet people always tell us our vanilla products make their product taste better.  That’s us again – providing the BEST vanilla flavor and aroma, helping complete the important work of connecting your brand’s journey with your customer.

Sara & Andy