Does your vanilla bean paste need to be refrigerated?

No, our vanilla bean paste is shelf-stable and can be stored in your pantry.

Are you Kosher?


What is vanilla bean paste?

Vanilla Bean Paste has the viscosity of honey. It combines the convenience of an extract and the experience of using a real vanilla bean. The best part of using vanilla bean paste is the beautiful specks. Vanilla Bean Paste really shines in frosting, vanilla cakes, whipped cream and coffee drinks.

What is the difference between the three labels.

The level of the certification. The blue label is conventional, the green label is certified organic, and the silver label is Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC).

Why vanilla?

We make vanilla because vanilla is awesome. We love how it is in so many different recipes. We love that vanilla is the fruit of cured orchid.

I have a question; how do I contact you?

Send us an email at orders@vanillabeanproject.com

What is the shelf life of vanilla bean paste?

Three years

Does your vanilla extract contain alcohol?

Pure Vanilla Extract is required by the FDA to be 35% alcohol by volume. Vanilla beans are extracted using alcohol, which is how the vanilla aroma and flavor is extracted from the vanilla beans.

What makes your vanilla extract different?

We use the best quality vanilla beans. We also use a cold extraction method when we make our extract. This preserves all the amazing nuances and flavor profiles of the vanilla that could get destroyed by heat in the processing process. We make vanilla at our manufacturing facility. We manufacture so we can ensure that every single bottle of our vanilla lives up to our high standards. We pride ourselves in maintaining our key values of quality, consistency and value.