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Our vanilla paste combines the deep, rich flavor of our organic vanilla extract with the visual appeal and texture of ground organic vanilla beans.  It is simple and easy to use.  The vanilla paste may be substituted one-to-one for pure vanilla extract in any recipe.  It is perfect to add to buttercream frosting, homemade whipped cream, and ice cream.  


Vanilla Extract, Sugar, Water, Vanilla Beans, Gum Tragacanth (A Natural Thickener

Pure Vanilla Bean Paste Gallon
  • Carefully Hand-Crafted

    Made with double-fold Madagascar vanilla extract and real ground vanilla. Can be used 1:1 it in your recipes that call for Vanilla Extract

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

    All of our products are free from gluten, GMOs, Corn Syrup and Artificial Flavors and colors.

  • Enhance Your Recipes

    Our premium quality extract delivers a robust flavor and aroma that enhances a wide range of recipes.